3D, S3D and S3D® : What are the differences ?

As far as the VISUALIZATION is concerned the use of the term “3D“ very often is misleading or at least end-user (= potential customer !!!) could understand it in a misleading way.
Especially in the DDC (Digital Content Creation) area “3D“ normally does just express the use of 3-dimentional object models or data, however in most of the cases the visualization is possible ONLY in 2D !

One example for such a “flat 3D visualization” are "3D graphics". _____________________________________________________

“S3D” (without trademark indication) can have different meanings or interpretations.

Lutz Moehr does use "S3D" in relation to the entirety of human "Senses, which enable the perception in 3D". Such senses are mainly Seeing and Hearing, but could be also Haptics (Touching).

On the international platform "S3D" is often, but not (!) in very case, used as a GENERAL indicator of a “Stereoscopic 3D visualization related matter”, what means that finally 2 (slightly different) images for the left and right eye could be generated.

“S3D®” as trademark for concrete products and services has been registered in Germany since 2006 by Lutz Moehr and will be primarily used as QUALITY label and REFERENCE level – not least with the intention to help end-user to be able to recognize good quality products (first of all content) and services.

Companies and private people are welcome to apply to DNS Consult (Lutz Moehr) for licensing the “S3D®” trademark for their products and services for the German market.