S3D-Expo in combination with 

The following companies did present their products and services:

 zStation monitor, 24 inch HD LCD (1080p 120Hz) with tracking sensors
    • Direct interaction stylus with 3-buttons and integrated infrared LED
    • Polarized passive eyewear with trackable markers
   with simulaneous projection on 3m screen using
         * 120 Hz shutter based projector
         + 3D modulator (shutter to passiv circular polarization)
         + polarization projection screen
         + passiv 3D circular polarization glasses

 3D enabling high end projectors
 Cinemizer OLED: new generation of HMD with head tracking option

  1.) MVComposer® – Studio Ultimate / Studio / OneClick / Stereo-3D Refine
  2.) MVPixelmapper® – Software plugin for Microsoft® DirectShow®

 2nd generation of passive 3D-filter and glasses


 3D enabled projector EH505, 1920x1200, 5.000 ANSI Lumen, „Deutschland Premiere“
Augenoptisches Privatinstitut
  Measurement of human 3D viewing capability
      and correspondent correction, if necessary

  1.) High-end 3D enabling workstations
  2.) 3D-Monitor 84" PLANAR UltraRes UR8450-3D
               with 3840 x 2160 Pixel native resolution, passive polarization 3D

SeeFront GmbH

autostereoscopic 3D monitor SF3D-133CQ, 13,3" with1920 x 1080 Pixel native resolution with dual-camera based eye tracking (in x,y and z axes) with auxiliary IR illumination

  Glasses-free 3D displays

Volfoni GmbH
 1.) 3D modulators (shutter to polarization) for DLP and LCD projectors
 2.) 3D glasses (shutter and polarization)