S3D-Expo 2014 in combination with 

The following companies did present their products and services:

 “MLD Studio Real-time”  Embedded 3D toolchain
    with Multi-Layer Display

   Web platform TRIVIDO.com
   2nd generation of passive 3D-filter and glasses

 Film und Multimedia     Agentur
  • Organization, realization and technical planning of live-transmissions, live-surgery and broadcasts
  • Didactical planning of content and topics
  • Production of playbacks, trailers, graphics and animations
  • Post production of recorded live-transmissions for the use of Internet, DVD, PowerPoint presentation etc.
  • Access of transmission content on the internet


  3D enabled projector EH503, 1920x1080
   3D-Funkbrillen System ZF2100

1.) High-end 3D enabling workstations

  2.) 3D-Monitor 84" PLANAR UltraRes UR8450-3D
               with 3840 x 2160 Pixel native resolution, passive polarization 3D
  3.) zStation monitor, 24 inch HD LCD (1080p 120Hz) with tracking sensors
        • Direct interaction stylus with 3-buttons and integrated infrared LED
        • Polarized passive eyewear with trackable markers
       with simulaneous projection on 3m screen using
         * 120 Hz shutter based projector
         + 3D modulator (shutter to passiv circular polarization)
         + polarization projection screen
         + passiv 3D circular polarization glasses

Schott Systeme
   Stereo-3D capable software tool for CAD and business graphics

SeeFront GmbH

 Glasses-free 3D monitor 13.3‘‘
     - with user tracking in x-, y- and z-axes
     - native resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel


 exclusive high-quality 3D-art content
history-focused wikipedia with 3D content

  Glasses-free 3D displays

Richard Wolf