WELCOME to the 


which is a specialized division of DNS Consult, owner Lutz Moehr.

To help companies promoting their Stereo-3D related products and services several marketing activities and events have been and will be organized by the 3D-CC.

One very special tool is the S3D-Showroom, which does function like a permanent exhibition with the unique approach to help to integrate stand-alone 3D-components (hardware & software) into complete systems with the clear focus to practical use.

The S3D-Expo has the concept of a temporary exhibition as part of well-known international trade shows or in combination with specialized conferences and events.
To make it for targeted visitors easier to attend, especially to attend the very FIRST time, the S3D-Expo is carried out as a kind of ROADSHOW.

The international conference S3D-Today is mainly focusing on Stereo-3D-Content and MARKETING aspects and should help to bring the innovative “Stereo-3D-Message” to the potential sales and marketing channels and by this way TO THE MARKET !

The concept of the international conference S3D-Basics does mainly focus on the fundamental basic issues in regards to Stereo-3D and should help to bring the international “Stereo-3D-community” closer together.

Our Service to (potential) End-USER(business & private):

We want to show you that the currently available 3D components and tools are much better in quality than it is generally known. Already today you can buy very interesting products and even complete systems. The price-spectrum ranges from small up to professional budgets.

We will help (business & private) end-user to find for their defined budget the optimal complete system or just certail components and tools.