The fascination for Stereo-3D has a long history

Here are some factsthat prove how long the fascination for Stereo-3D has been around:

  • Around 1500 Leonardo da Vinci made already optical studies on the phenomenon of "binocular vision".
  • Around 1600 Jacopo Chimenti da Empoli made a first "stereo" watercolor wash drawing
  • Since 1860 are existing the first stereo photographs.
  • 1927 the German Society for Stereoscopy (DGS) has been founded in Berlin.

A very big quantity of Stereo-3D photos around the world: 

      • on paper,
      • in the form of slides and
      • now in digital form.

But there have been no breakthroughs in 3D products or high demand in the broader market until the recent past. The reasons for this, which dates back to the last few centuries, is due to technological limits and the high costs of creating, duplicating and visualizing content.

The digital world will bring the break-through...